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Posted on February 23rd 2021

Student Voice Social Media Misuse Campaign

Our Key Stage 3 (Y7-9) Student Voice Champions were asked to start a social media misuse campaign, highlighting the issues and risks in using social media inappropriately. They were tasked with producing a leaflet, delivering a presentation and providing tips on the improving learning online.

Here is some of their work:

I personally think that misusing social media is when you use it to mis lead or intentionally hurt someone or for any criminal use. Social media has helped save many lives, get justice for many lives and benefited people's lives in many ways. Social media has created jobs for people and fired people from their job.

I would ask those who misuse social media:

  • Would your family be proud to see what you're typing? Is this the best representation of you?
  • How do you sleep at night, going to bed knowing that they are making someone's life hell every day?

I would say don't add or communicate with anybody you don't know unless you know what you're doing and if you are old enough . Also don't have your location on because everyone will know and see where you are even the wrong people.

"Block and delete, it's that easy"

Thank you, 


1. I think misusing social media is using it to cyberbully people are not aware that you can still face consequences even if online

2. If you want to use social media in a negative way, I say you need to stop because it may not be affecting you but it's affecting others

3. Two tips you can use to keep yourself safe online is to ensure that if you are 12 and under your social media need to be supervised by a parent or guardian as well as teenagers who need to be cautious with all personal details and if seeing anything it's important to report misuse on social media.


1. I think misusing social media is using it for bad reasons, e.g. hating on others. This affects people because they might believe what haters sat about them.

2. I would tell people that want to misuse social media that shouldn't misuse it, because how would they feel if they were hated on?

3. Here are 2 tips to stay safe online: 

  • Don't friend strangers
  • Limit your comments to friends only, or no comments



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