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Some more methane bubbles from Year 7 science yesterday!


Year 7s were lighting methane bubbles with Miss Homewood yesterday. Don't try that at home!


We said goodbye to our Year 11s today. We're wishing you all the best for results day (23rd August for GCSEs). See you there!


Students performed alongside spoken words artist Abstract Benna this afternoon. AB has been working with the students over the past six weeks.


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yr12 students currently in an Apprenticeship Mock Assessment Centre activity delivered by


Students enjoyed their very own Comic Con on the last day of term, with comics, competitions and a workshop provided by the team at on Shaftesbury Avenue!


Miss Homewood has filmed some exciting practical demonstrations in slow motion with Year 8s this week!


Ed: Not the bit about Zaha obviously... 😆


Our very own Sheresse Miller won the Under 13s Shot Putt at the Surrey County Track and Field Championships last weekend at Kingston. Read more about it here:


Our Year 11 Prom will take place on Wednesday 4th July 2018. The venue for this year’s prom is Farleigh Golf Club:


The latest edition of our weekly Newsletter is on our website! Check it out for all the latest news, term dates and information about the week ahead. Have a great weekend.


Yesterday, seven students went to Christie's Auction House with Ms Robbins and Ms Msemburi. Read more about it:


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PE Teachers required .Apply now


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Harris Academy Purley is looking for an Assistant Principal - English Faculty. Apply now


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A-Level Mathematics Teacher required .Apply now


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The winning teams from our Year 7 rocket cars project went to RAF High Wycombe yesterday to complete in the regional finals! Their car design was fantastic. Results to come...


We're always grateful to receive new books! Our doors are always open (between the hours of 8 and 4) :)


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Visit from Harris Academy today looking at food production from birth


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Talking about below 15% moisture some good questions about

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Recent News

Posted on February 26th 2018

Rome Trip 2018


On the 5th of February we flew to Rome [Italy], with “EasyJet”.  The fact that we were finally at the country we had been planning to travel to with all our friends for months had hit us. It was so exciting!

When we arrived at the airport in Rome it was 8 degrees. A coach picked us up and took us to our hotel. On the coach we got to see the towns and the environment we were going to be staying in for 4 days. The buildings were colourful and it had an ancient vibe. The vibrant surroundings welcomed us into the country.

We finally arrived at the hotel, dropped our luggage, and set of for the day ahead of us. WE HAD TO WALK EVERYWHERE! Once arriving at the Basilica of Son Clemente La Lateran we looked around and embraced the fact we were in the oldest Basilica in Rome. The ceiling has beautiful patterns engraved delicately and the atmosphere was quite tense. It was important and respectful to remain in silence which was very difficult when we were so inspired by its awe.

For lunch, even though there was a plenitude of offers it was surprisingly that almost everyone (not our teachers and bout 5 pupils) got MacDonald’s. We then went to a local park and enjoyed our food with amazing scenery.

Soon dinner came around, and we went to a nearby restraint in the train station. We all sat in booths, it wasn’t the best food but the brilliant day we had over shone it. Despite us being all tired as soon as we got back to the hotel, we all perked back up again.


Tuesday started with an early morning down at the lobby for breakfast, it was a special someone’s birthday [Emma]. We set off on a long walk to visit the well-known ‘Colosseum’. The old building had a historical background. We were all amazed when we got told how old the building was [built in 80 AD] and how it has disintegrated overtime. During our time there, we were lucky enough to see and stand In the Gladiator Stadium. After our visit at the colosseum we went to the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. As we were so high up the sun beamed down on us and put smiles on our faces.

Image result for the roman forum

“This picture shows the Roman Forum when it was built but the differences we noticed while we was there was that the pillars have eroded over time.”

The other places we went to on Tuesday were:

  • Piazza di Spangna
  • Piazza Navana
  • Pantheon
  • Fontana di Trevi

At the Fontana di Trevi we were all stunned by the beauty of the fountain, and how the clear water flowed delicately.

Image result for fontana di trevi


That evening, we went to a posh restaurant and had:

  • A starter of pasta and spicy tomato sauce 
  • A main of breaded chicken and salad
  • A desert of ice cream

In addition to the wonderful day we had, we also celebrated Emma’s birthday by singing Happy Birthday and bringing out a cake.


An early and tiresome start on Wednesday morning as we had a very important visit to make. To see the Pope! There was a service led by the Pope and a humongous audience! It was such an incredible experience but the service was very long as it was translated to several different languages. However we didn’t mind too much because we were inside and it was pouring with rain outside. Next up was The Sistine Chapel, a one in a life time opportunity as the artwork on the walls and above us on the ceiling were mesmerizing pieces curated by Michelangelo. We had a wonderful tour guide called Fabio and he engaged us with his words. He also took us to the Vatican museum. Finally we ended the day with Pizza (four times the size of our heads) at a traditional Italian restaurant, it was SO good. 


Souvenir shopping and home. Bye Bye Rome- we miss you!

by Alicia Duffy and Freya Stevenson