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Our Sixth Form Open Evening is on Thursday. Students will finish at the end of Period 6 rather than Period 7 that day. Letters sent home.


Harris Academy Purley tops the performance table for pupil progress in Croydon!


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New performance data puts as top performer in for pupil progress


BBC News - ParentPay website unavailable for school meal payments


The Iceland Trip has landed and is on it's way back to the Academy. ETA is 3.45pm.


The Iceland trip is all on board and ready to depart Keflavik Airport. However, we are slightly delayed & will update periodically. EZY8508.


Our final stop in - Gulfoss in all its glory...


An unforgettable experience at the Geysirs


Þingvellir National Park - waterfalls and tectonic plate movement


Þingvellir National Park


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On we're celebrating the amazing work teachers do every single day


Geothermal Power


First stop of day 3 in is Orka Natturunnar Geothermal Power Plant


A glimpse of the northern lights from our hotel


Our final stop for the day...


Skogafoss Waterfall


Visit to the Black Sand Beach with its iconic Basalt Columns


A great morning hiking on the glacier ólheimajökull

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.


Numeracy Week

Numeracy Week runs throughout the second week of March.  There are a range of activities each day for the different year groups, as well as special events taking place at break, lunch and after school.  A presentation with details of these events is sent out to tutors at the start of the week.  Posters are also produced and displayed along the corridors to promote these events throughout the week.  Last year's posters can be viewed below.

Morning Tutor Time Presentations


Mathematics Mentoring

Since October 2016, Harris Academy Purley have organised a maths mentoring programme between Sixth Form students and Key Stage 3 students. Fifteen selected students from Year 7 and Year 8 have been given the excellent opportunity of having a one-on-one personalised mentoring session with A-level maths students. For half an hour a week, the Sixth Form students have been coaching them through elements of maths which the Key Stage 3 students have found difficult. At the end of the session, the students complete a short test in order to judge their progress over the weeks.  
The Key Stage 3 students have evidently grown in confidence through this process. Not only are they prepared to take more risks in class now, but they also are beginning to see maths as a fun and worthwhile subject. On top of their improvement in maths, the Sixth Form students have allowed the Year 7 and Year 8s to feel comfortable in their new school. Many of the Year 7 and Year 8s have commented about how nice they find it knowing that an older student is looking out for their well-being and progress.
Throughout the process, the Sixth Formers have been exceptionally professional, encouraging and supporting. They have taken their role very seriously and are always punctual when collecting their student. They are proving to be excellent ambassadors for the Academy.
mentor_1 mentor_3 mentor_2

Page Downloads

Title Date  
Numeracy Action Plan 13th Nov 2015 Download
Numeracy Activity Tutor Period 20th Nov 2015 20th Nov 2015 Download
Numeracy at Harris Academy Purley 03rd Feb 2016 Download
Numeracy Week 2016: Pi Day 14th Mar 2016 Download
Numeracy Week: Brain Gym 18th Mar 2016 Download
Numeracy Week: Chess Day 16th Mar 2016 Download
Numeracy Week: Fibonacci Sequence 15th Mar 2016 Download
Numeracy Week: World in Numbers 17th Mar 2016 Download
Tutor Time Activity Week 6 08-07-16 11th Jul 2016 Download
Tutor Time Numeracy Week 5 24th May 2016 Download
Tutor Time Numeracy Week 2 03rd Jun 2016 Download
Tutor Time Numeracy Week 3 01st Jun 2016 Download
Tutor Time Numeracy Week 4 03rd Jun 2016 Download
Tutor Time Numeracy Week 6 03rd Jun 2016 Download
Tutor Time Numeracy Week 7 17th Jun 2016 Download
Y7 Literacy & Numeracy Evening 2016 19th Sep 2016 Download