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Student Voice

Year 11 have surpassed themselves this year, with 61 students applying to be a Prefect and 39 being chosen initially to support various Student Leadership roles in the Academy.  They have been chosen to develop a range of Student Leadership ventures over the coming academic year for the benefit of the students at the academy. The quality of each Student Leader in this cohort is extremely high, as each student has been through a rigorous series of tests to ensure that the right person has been selected for the exciting but challenging jobs ahead, with a waiting list of a similar number in the wings, such was the competitive nature of the enterprise.

We are sure all of the students below will be highly successful in leading these ventures and will leave no stone unturned in developing an even wider range of opportunities for all, ensuring Harris Academy Purley has a vibrant and dynamic student driven range of programmes at its core. 

Learning Commission Leaders:

  • Peace Akinrinde
  • Charlie Biles
  • Isabel Hylton
  • Feyi  Sanyaolu
  • Cynthia Sathiyarajan

Charity Leaders:

  • Megan Arnold
  • Lillie Cook
  • Lois Dykes
  • Sofia Karamat
  • Lewis Mayhew
  • Reanne Solomon

Enrichment and Extension Leaders:

  • Yaseen Ahmed
  • Max Chang-Leng
  • Ruben Cullingford
  • Thinushan Keitheswaran
  • Muhammad-Abbas Lalji
  • Wafa Selia
  • Lucas Winifred

Library Leaders:

  • Nicole Austin
  • Chelsea Duffield
  • Qasim Yusuf

Tutor Time Leaders:

  • Carolina Alexandre
  • Taye Blair
  • Christopher Burrow
  • Zainab Kenny
  • Joseph Mirfin

Inclusion Leaders:

  • Rebecca Alder
  • Davita Gaitvah
  • Erika Kucina
  • Ellee-Rae Whittaker

Looking Ahead Leaders:

  • Saoirse Garvey
  • James Kelly
  • Maria Mbuna
  • Sheyon Sinclair

School Promotion Leaders:

  • Daniel Bunyan
  • Shannon Francis
  • T’Rae Lucas
  • Erica Thomas

Head Boy & Head Girl

19 students from the Year 11 prefect body applied for the prestigious roles of Head Boy and Head Girl.

To be successful students needed to impress in an initial set of interviews lead by Promise and Ruby, last year’s Head Students, before meeting with senior members of staff for one further round of interviews

The standard of attention to detail in the answers of all of the candidates was extremely high and made the decision exceptionally difficult – so I am absolutely delighted to announce that Lucas Winifred 11.1 and Erica Thomas 11.2 have been chosen as Year 11Head Boy and Year 11 Head Girl.

To support them in their role Sheyon Sinclair 11.1 and Chelsea Duffield 11.5 have also been given the titles of Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl.


Sixth Form Prefect Team

Our Sixth Form Head Boy, Gokay Tezgel and Sixth Form Head Girl, Ruby Pearce work alongside 19 Sixth Form prefects on a range of roles and responsibilities around the Academy.  This include assisting staff with the Duke of Edinburgh programme, running mentoring sessions for lower school students and organising charity and enterprise events throughout the year.  Our prefect team includes:

Year 12

  • Adam Abbad
  • Jamie Chang-Leng
  • Dhwani Patel
  • Jainika Patel
  • Gokay Tezgel (Head Boy)
  • Oliwia Borkowska
  • Rebecca Piercey
  • Omar Kadi
  • Promise Ave
  • Melissa Carter
  • Stephen Kirwin
  • Isabella Mash
  • Ruby Pearce (Head Girl)
  • Shay Runsewe
  • Idrees Shaikh

Year 13

  • Niimoi Martin
  • Patricia Magyar
  • Sagyaman Veronica
  • Shanmuganathan Sahana
  • Yassi Keyley
  • Dhishtee Oree