Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Staff Email Addresses

If you are unsure who to contact, you can always send your email to info@harrispurley.org.uk and our reception team will forward your message to the appropriate department or member of staff.

Academy Leadership Team (ALT)

Tim Allman Principal

Mike Piper Senior Vice Principal

James Menagh Vice Principal

Helen Pengelly Assistant Principal for Data and Assessments

Daniel Piggott Designated Safeguarding Lead & Faculty Director of Humanities (blue ties)

Emily McKee Faculty Director of Mathematics & Commerce (red ties)

Layla Hamilton-Cox Faculty Director of Arts (green ties)

Christopher Higgins Faculty Director of Science & PE (yellow ties)

Rebecca Carter Faculty Director of Sixth Form & Associate Assistant Principal

Jamie Palmer Assistant Principal for Teaching & Learning

Rahmina Khanam Assistant Principal & SEND Coordinator


Head of Subjects

Art & Design Ms E Lewis (Acting)

Business & Economics Mr Battersby

Computing & IT Mr Battersby 

Performing Arts Ms Devine

Design & Technology Ms Kanokvilasporn

English Ms Hamilton-Cox

Food Preparation & Nutrition Ms Gale

Geography Mr Golbey

History Mr Blaize 

Mathematics Mr Johnson 

Media Studies Mr McLaughlin 

MFL Ms Thomson

Music Ms S Gordon

PE & Sport Ms Belton 

Psychology & Sociology Ms Prehay

RE & Citizenship Ms McLean 

Science Mr Mullings

All staff email addresses

Ms Umugwaneza Student Restore Centre Manager a.umugwaneza@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Hanson Teacher of Design & Technology a.hanson@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Cooper Thomas Teacher of Science a.cooperthomas@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr McLean Teacher of Mathematics a.mclean@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Burgos Pastoral Co-ordinator for Arts b.burgos@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Abbit DT Technician b.abbit@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Monk Teacher of English b.monk@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Klobodu Receptionist b.klobodu@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Johnson Teacher of Geography c.johnson@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Dobb Maths KS3 Lead c.dobb@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Higgins Faculty Director of Science & PE c.higgins@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Lees Teaching Partner c.lees@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Bransfield Lead Practitioner of English c.bransfield@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr C Melody Premises Assistant c.melody@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Watson Teacher of Business d.watson@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Piggott Faculty Director of Humanities & DSL d.piggott@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Sleeth Media Manager d.sleeth@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms McLean Subject Leader for Religious Education d.mclean@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Thompson Premises Officer d.thompson@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Beckford Teacher of Art / KS3 Lead d.beckford@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Lewis Teacher of Art and D&T / KS4 Lead e.lewis@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Valerio Attendance Officer e.valerio@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms McKee Faculty Director of Mathematics and Commerce e.mckee@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Dulake Teaching Partner e.dulake@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Martin Teacher of Design & Technology e.martin@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Olar Teacher of Science e.olar@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Rowe Teacher of Chemistry f.rowe@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Pommells Teacher of Maths f.pommells@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Benjamin Morrisson Teacher of English f.benjaminmorrison@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Thomson Faculty Co-ordinator Humanities g.thomson@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Regis Teacher of English h.regis@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Robins HR Officer h.robins@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Pengelly Assistant Principal responsible for Curriculum & Assessment h.pengelly@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Bukasa Exams Officer hilaire.bukasa@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Battersby Faculty Co-ordinator Maths & Commerce h.battersby@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Lowe Learning Mentor h.lowe@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Johnson Teacher of Mathematics i.johnson@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Berry Sixth Form Administrator j.berry@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr McLaughlin Subject Leader for Media j.mclaughlin@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Menagh Vice Principal: Behaviour & Attitudes, 11-16 Personal Development j.menagh@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr McDougall Faculty Co-ordinator Sixth Form j.mcdougall@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Palmer Assistant Principal for Teaching & Learning  j.palmer@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Trezise Teacher of History j.trezise@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Smith Reprographics Technician j.smith@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Roberts Subject Leader for Biology / 2IC of Science j.roberts@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Lubo Faculty Co-ordinator Science & PE j.lubo@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Brown Admissions Officer k.brown@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Smith Welfare Manager k.smith@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Allaham Teacher of Mathematics k.allaham@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Highman Faculty Co-ordinator Sixth Form k.highman@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Wint Pastoral Co-ordinator Maths & Commerce k.wint@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Parker Teaching Partner l.parker@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Hamilton Cox Faculty Director for Arts l.cox@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Amaira Teacher of History l.amaira@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Yakalawo Premises Officer l.yakalawo@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Grover Student Services Manager l.grover@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Resuli SEN Administrator l.resuli@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Lewis Premises Manager m.lewis@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Pruszynski IT Apprentice m.pruszynski@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Belton Faculty Co-ordinator Science & PE m.belton@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Ergicho Teaching Partner m.ergicho@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Piper Senior Vice Principal: Operations and Logistics m.piper@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Philip Science Technician m.philip@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Osemwengie Teacher of Mathematics m.osemwengie@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Guler IT Technician m.guler@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Van der Weide Lead for Academy KS3 Outcomes n.vanderweide@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Starko KS3 Lead English n.starko@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Brown Teacher of ICT/Computer Science n.brown@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Bowerbank-Johnson Teacher of Mathematics n.bowerbank-johnson@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Blaize Faculty Co-ordinator Humanities o.blaize@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Khanam Assistant Principal & SENCo r.khanam@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Carter Associate Assistant Principal & Head of Sixth Form                                                 r.carter@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Mullings Head of Science r.mullings@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr McHugh DT & Art Technician r.mchugh@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Osode Teacher of English r.osode@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Gale Deputy SENCo r.gale@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Douglas (Sesenligil) Teacher of Food Technology & Charities Lead s.douglas@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Shanmuganatha Senior Science Technician s.shanmuganathan@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Jabeen Teacher of Maths s.jabeen@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Gordon Teacher of Science s.gordon@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Prehay Lead Practitioner KS5 s.prehay@harrispurley.org.uk
    Learning Resources Centre Manager  
Ms Devine Head of Performing Arts s.devine@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Gordon Head of Music s.gordon1@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Micic Teacher of Science s.micic@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Longstaff Teacher of History s.longstaff@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Campbell Teacher of Science s.campbell@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Edwards Teacher of Business s.edwards@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Myles Teacher of Business Studies t.myles@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Djuma MFL KS3 Lead t.djuma@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Boothe Teacher of English t.boothe@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Brown Bailey Receptionist t.brownbailey@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Allman Principal t.allman@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Golbey Subject Leader for Geography t.golbey@harrispurley.org.uk
Ms Pruszynski Data Manager v.pruszynski@harrispurley.org.uk
Mr Thomas Teacher of Maths w.thomas@harrispurley.org.uk