Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















ALT & Faculty Structure

Academy Leadership Team

Tim Allman

Brom 0003 mike piper

James Menagh

HelenPengelly AP

Jamie Palmer

Rahima Khanam RKH PU

Mr Allman

Mr Piper
Senior Vice Principal
Operations & Logistics

Mr Menagh
Vice Principal
Behaviour & Attitudes

Ms Pengelly
Assistant Principal
Data & Assessments

Mr Palmer
Assistant Principal
Teaching & Learning

Ms Khanam
Assistant Principal
SEND Coordinator

Faculty and Tutor Group Structure

When a student joins the Academy they are placed in a tutor group belonging to one of our four faculties:

  • Arts (green ties)
  • Humanities (blue ties)
  • Mathematics & Commerce (red ties)
  • Science & PE (yellow ties)

The name of a student's tutor group comprises of their year group, their faculty and then a digit that differentiates several groups in the same year and faculty. For example, 7A2 is the 2nd Year 7 tutor group in the Arts faculty.

Each faculty is overseen by an Faculty Director (Assistant Principals), a Pastoral Coordinator or Faculty Coordinator and a Learning Mentor.

A student's faculty can be identified by the coloured stripes on their tie.

Arts Faculty Badge 01 Arts Faculty

Faculty Director: Ms Hamilton Cox
Faculty Coordinator:
Pastoral Coordinator: Ms Burgos
Learning Mentor: Ms C. Lewis
Layla Hamilton Cox   AP   Beatriz Burgos Connique Lewis

Tutor Groups

7A1 Ms Monk
7A2 Ms Regis
8A1 Mr Starko
9A1 Ms St. Gordon
9A2 Mr Martin
10A1 Mr Beckford
10A2 Ms Hanson
11A1 Ms Osode
11A2 Ms Peters


Humanities Faculty Badge 01 Humanities Faculty

Faculty Director: Mr Piggott
Faculty Coordinator: Ms Thompson
Faculty Coordinator: Mr Blaize
Learning Mentor: Ms Lowe
Daniel Piggott Grace Thomson GTH PU Otis Blaize OBL PU Brom 0006 hyacinth lowe

Tutor Groups

7H1 Ms Johnson
8H1 Mr Amaira
8H2 Mr Trezise
9H1 Mr Djuma Mr Blaize
10H1 Ms Pommells
10H2 Ms McLean
11H1 Ms Sh. Gordon
11H2 Mr Longstaff 


Maths Faculty Badge 01 Maths & Commerce Faculty

Faculty Director: Ms McKee
Faculty Coordinator: Mr Battersby
Pastoral Coordinator: Ms Wint
Learning Mentor: Ms Msemburi
Emily Howard Battersby HBA PU KWI PU Connique Lewis

Tutor Groups

7M1 Mr Osemwengie
7M2 Ms Jebeen
8M1 Mr Mclean
8M2 Ms Brown   
9M1 Ms Edwards 
10M1 Ms Allaham
11M1 Ms Dobb 
11M2 Ms Bowerbank-Johnson


Science Faculty Badge 01 Science & PE Faculty

Faculty Director: Mr Higgins
Faculty Coordinator: Ms Belton
Faculty Coordinator: Mr Muana Lubo
Learning Mentor:  Ms Lowe
Chris Higgins Melissa Belton MBE PU Julien Muana Lubo Brom 0006 hyacinth lowe

Tutor Groups

7S1 Ms Campbell
8S1 Ms Boothe
9S1 Ms Cooper Thomas
9S2 Ms Olar
10S1 Ms Rowe
10S2 Ms Devine
11S1 Ms Miles


Sixth Form Logo 01 

Each tutor group in our Sixth Form belongs to one of our four faculties. The students in Sixth Form have a dedicated Sixth Form team to deal with academic and pastoral needs.

Faculty Director: Ms Carter
Year 12 Coordinator: Ms Highman
Year 13 Coordinator: Mr McDougall
Lead Practitioner: Ms Prehay
Administrator: Ms Berry

Rebecca Carter Kelly highman copy Jamie McDougall Sharna Kay Prehay Jacqueline Berry   Sixth Form Mentor

Tutor Groups

12A1 Mr McLaughlin
12M1 Ms Watson
12S1 Ms Roberts

13A1 Ms van der Weide
13H1 Mr Golby
13M1 Mr Thomas