Today was World Day at HAPU! We celebrated with cultural activities including language lessons, world cuisine tasting and even dance classes! Many attended school in cultural dress. Thank you to the students who helped organise the day and to staff who ran sessions!


On Saturday Ethan competed for in the 4x100m relay at the Alexander Stadium, Birmingham. He ran the 4th leg and received the baton in second place and did what Ethan does best - WIN! He finished nearly a second ahead and helped set a season best of 43:03 🥇


On Monday evening, the Academy hosted the regional finals of the Jack Petchey "Speak Out" Challenge! Talented students from across the borough spoke about topics important to them. Chidi delivered a talk entitled, 'A man thought he could be.' View it here:


On Monday three Y7s competed in this term's South Quadrant Cook Off at HASN! The students had 1 hour to produce a three-course meal with the theme 'The Queen's Jubilee'. Merton were *crowned* the winners, but as you can see the dishes looked (and tasted) amazing!


TfL have announced bus strikes in south London on May 11th, 16th and 17th. Buses in Croydon, Thornton Heath, Streatham and Brixton are among those affected. Please keep these strikes in mind when planning your journey to and from school! 🚌


After a competitive game that went into extra time, our boys managed a 5:4 win against St Joseph’s on Friday. Their next game will be the final! Good luck! ⚽️


Earlier in the week, our students met with author Simon James Green, who came to talk about the process of having his novel 'Noah Can't Even' published. His novel deals with 🏳️‍🌈LGBT+ themes and Simon was overwhelmed by the way our pupils support and promote equality and diversity


PE had the pleasure of taking Y7 and Y8 teams to the Croydon Athletics Relay Championship. The Y7 girls were just beaten on the line for a podium finish. The Y8 boys competed in a final against Trinity, HCACP, Tenisons and Oasis to finish 1st and be named Croydon Champions! 🥇


It was great so see our students so engaged in rugby training yesterday. The session was led by a coach from the Matt Ratana Foundation and will get the players ready for our game against Lanfrac! 🏉


Our amazing Year 8 football team managed a 5-2 victory over Clapham in their semi final yesterday. The boys will face either Harris Academy Riverside or East Dulwich in the final! Goals courtesy of Raff, Kahlan and Judah! ⚽️


Our latest Newsletter is available from our website:


The issues in the Academy kitchen have been rectified. Hot and cold meals and snacks will be available from Tuesday 19th April.


We've cooked our dinner and pitched our tents. We're now enjoying the sunset ☺️


Our Silver Duke of Edinburgh students have set off for a weekend of walking around Ashdown Forest on their practice expedition. It's a bit chilly! 🏕️💨


Earlier in the week we posted about Gardening Club being busy planting crops before the break. We are now excited to announce has granted us £1,994 to go towards our gardening project! We're eager to share what we use this amazing sum for next term! 🚜🥕🥔


A letter regarding Year 11 Prom and intervention sessions has been published on our website:


⚽️ Our newly formed Y7 girl's football team are having a busy year. Not only have they competed in a Croydon Schools tournament AND the U13s league, they also played a Y7-8 competition against some very tough opposition and were excellent throughout. Well done girls!


A letter form the Principal has been published on our website:


Our Year 7 rugby team returned to Riddlesdown for another friendly. Previously, we had a smaller group and had to borrow players, but this time we were able to play as our own team. We came up against a Riddlesdown side that had more experience and only lost by one try 8-7 🏉


Despite this year's hot weather coming to an end 😅 Gardening Club took to the allotment for the final time this term to get their shooting potatoes in the ground. The club has planted a variety of vegetables and look forward to a September harvest 🚜🥔🥔

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Personal Development Curriculum

Students at a tablePersonal development at Harris Academy Purley is built upon the foundations of our academy values – To learn, To think, To act. These values underpin Academy culture and every student's daily school life. 

We also actively promote and develop students' understanding for the five core British values(tolerance, rule of law, democracy, individual liberty and mutual respect). 

The Academy believes in the holistic development of its pupils by ensuring students can make positive choices which will in turn create a healthy, productive and positive future. 

Our personal development curriculum goes beyond the national curriculum. It offers unique learning experiences which provide students with enriched cultural capital. By offering a varied and diverse set of experiences, we help to prepare students for the culturally diverse nature of the society in which we live.  

The Academy ensures students are resilient, self-assured and challenging learners, both to themselves and within any other cultural context. The Academy intends to ensure through a broad enrichment curriculum that students develop the key skills to feel motivated in the face of adversity and confident to take on any challenge. 

In order for the Academy to meet its personal development intention, it implements a curriculum for students to have significant chances to learn and actively engage in four key areas:

  • SMSC development 
  • Character development 
  • PSHE and Sex and Relationships Education 
  • Careers

You can find more detail on each of these areas below. The personal development curriculum is developed in line with both statutory guidance and The PSHE Association's recommended curriculum. 

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development 

Spiritual: explore beliefs and experience; respect values; discover oneself and the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity; reflect. 

Moral: recognise right and wrong; understand consequences; investigate moral and ethical issues; offer reasoned views. 

Social: use social skills in different contexts; work well with others; resolve conflicts; understand how communities work. 

Cultural: appreciate cultural influences; participate in culture opportunities; understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity. 

Students embed the core values of the Academy and are mindful of one another’s views, demonstrating acceptance to differences in opinions. We encourage students to be reflective learners, showing curiosity and a thirst for knowledge in order to improve as individuals. This enables them to develop holistically and become active participants in modern British life. This is a real strength in the Academy and is embedded in the curriculum through drop down ‘thematic days’, tutor time activities, educational visits, student leadership, enrichment and the assembly programme. 

To promote spiritual development, all students study Religion, Philosophy & Politics at Key Stage 3. This encourages students to reflect on their own beliefs and those of others. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism are studied and other belief systems are examined through modules on ethics and metaphysics. The diversity of faiths represented in the Academy is rich, with students demonstrating respect for others' faiths, feelings and values. All students study a full range of creative subjects at Key Stage 3 including Art, Music, Drama, Dance and Technology, allowing them to engage their imaginations and be creative in their learning. 

The moral development of pupils is also promoted through tutor time and our Assembly programme. The Academy’s core values provide a shared language for talking about moral issues which is well integrated into Academy life. Students reflect on the difference between right and wrong, and they are equipped to apply reasoning and critical thinking skills to their own lives, based on a moral compass. All students study ethics, including different points of view, and learn about how to make ethical decisions as part of Religion, Philosophy & Politics at Key Stage 3. Students reflect on their own moral decision-making through a focus on restorative justice integrated into our culture for learning. 

PRSHE and Careers Plan

Year 7 Theme
Monday 13 September P1 Transition
Tuesday 21 September P1 What is PHSE?
Wednesday 29 September P1 Maintaining genuine friendships and avoiding toxic ones
Thursday 7 October P1 Maintaining genuine friendships and avoiding toxic ones
Friday 15 October P1 Online Bullying
Monday 1 November P2 Sex and Image Sharing
Wednesday 10 November NHS Workshop 1
Thursday 18 November NHS Workshop 2
Monday 22 November NHS Workshop 3
Tuesday 30 November NHS Workshop 4
Monday 10 January P3 Appearance Ideals
Tuesday 18 January P4 Media Messages
Wednesday 26 January xP4 yP5 Confront Comparisons
Thursday 3 February P4 Banish Body-Talk
Wednesday 16 February P2 Be the Change
TBA What do we mean by Healthy Lifestyle?
TBA Healthy Living and Exercise
TBA How can I eat responsibly?
TBA Consequences of not eating healthy?
TBA Energy drinks
TBA What is budgeting and how do we do it?
TBA What are savings, loans and interest rates? Money Management
TBA What are financial products?
TBA Career vs Job
TBA iCould - Explore Jobs
TBA UniFrong Guidance
TBA BeReady Guidance
TBA Navigating the Harris website



Year 8 Theme
Monday 13 September P1 Keeping Good Friendships
Tuesday 21 September P1 Keeping Safe and Positive Relationships
Wednesday 29 September P1 Peer Pressure
Thursday 7 October P1 Falling in Love
Friday 15 October P1 Internet Safety and Online Grooming
Monday 1 November P2 Appearance Ideals
Monday 8 November NHS Workshop 1
Tuesday 16 November NHS Workshop 2
Wednesday 24 November NHS Workshop 3
Thursday 2 December NHS Workshop 4
Date and Period Theme
Monday 10 January P3 Vaping, Nicotine and Addiction
Tuesday 18 January P4 Cancer Awareness
Wednesday 26 January P3 Confident Me
Thursday 3 February P4 Teenage Pregnancy
Wednesday 16 February P4 Sharing Images Online
TBA Mental Health Introduction
TBA Dangers of Smoking
TBA Vaping, Nicotine and Addiction
TBA Managing behaviour to achieve
TBA Income and Expenditure
TBA Tax and National Insurance
TBA How is Tax spent? Public money funding in the UK
TBA Budgeting and Saving
TBA Entrepreneurs
TBA UniFrong Guidance
TBA BeReady Guidance
TBA Navigating the Harris website


Year 9 Theme
Monday 13 September P1 Sex and Image Sharing
Wednesday 22 September P1 NHS Workshop 1
Thursday 30 September P1 NHS Workshop 2
Monday 4 October P1 NHS Workshop 3
Tuesday 12 October P1 NHS Workshop 4
Monday 1 November P2 Child Sexual Exploitation
Tuesday 9 November P3 Abusive Relationships
Wednesday 17 November P2 Peer Pressure
Thursday 25 November P4x P6y Sharing Images Online
Friday 3 December P2 Body Image
Monday 10 January P3 Why are people selfie obsessed?
Tuesday 18 January P4 Consumer Rights
Wednesday 26 January P5y P3x Online Gambling and Debt
Thursday 3 February P5 How to be a discerning consumer
Wednesday 16 February P4 Rights and responsibilities online
TBA Drugs
TBA Cannabis and Spice
TBA Law on possession
TBA Alcohol Awareness
TBA Vaccinations, organ and blood donation, stem cell and hygiene
TBA Taking control of my life
TBA Work skills, enterprise and the work environment
TBA What exactly is enterprise and what are the skills and qualities?
TBA Enterprise and workplace skills and characteristics
TBA BeReady - Developing work  skills***
TBA UniFrong Guidance
TBA BeReady Guidance
TBA Navigating the Harris website
TBA Careers Fair


Year 10 Theme
Monday 13 September P1 Respecting Ourselves and Others
Tuesday 21 September P1 NHS Workshop 1
Wednesday 29 September P1 NHS Workshop 2
Monday 4 October P1 NHS Workshop 3
Friday 15 October P1 Same Sex Relationships
Monday 1 November P5 Haarrassment and Smoking
Tuesday 9 November P3 Managing Social Anxiety
Wednesday 17 November P4 Managing Tough Times - Change, Grief and Bereavement 
Thursday 25 November P4x P6y Suicide
Friday 3 December P5 Social Media and Self Esteem
Monday 10 January P6 Relationships with Role Models
Tuesday 18 January P5 Managing Social Anxiety
Wednesday 26 January P5 Managing Tough Times - Change, Grief and Bereavement 
Thursday 3 February P7 Suicide
Wednesday 16 February P4 Social Media and Self Esteem
Date and Period Theme
TBA Obesity and Body Positivity
TBA Binge Drinking
TBA Alcohol Dependency
TBA Perception on Drugs
TBA Why do we take risks?
TBA The right career for me
TBA Employability skills for your CV
TBA Apprenticeships
TBA World of Work Week
TBA UniFrong Guidance
TBA BeReady Guidance
TBA Navigating the Harris website
TBA World of Work Week
TBA Careers Fair


Year 11 Theme
Monday 13 September P1 Types of relationships
Tuesday 21 September P1 Identity and Diversity
Wednesday 29 September P1 Bullying and Body Sharing
Monday 4 October P1 Fertility and reproduction (double lesson)
Friday 15 October P1 Fertility and reproduction (double lesson)
Monday 1 November P5 Mock examinations
Tuesday 24 November P3 Personal safety in the wider world
Wednesday 1 December P4 Relationship break-ups
Monday 6 December NHS Workshops
Monday 10 January P5 Independent Living
Tuesday 18 January P7 Risk Taking and Decision Making
Wednesday 26 January P5 Gambling and Online Gambling
Thursday 3 February P5 Digital Footprints
Wednesday 16 February P4 Personal safety in the wider world

Page Downloads

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PRSHE and Careers Plan 2021-22 23rd Feb 2022 Download
Tutor Time and Assemblies Plan 2021-22 23rd Feb 2022 Download