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Thank you to for our Christmas tree! We take hundreds of students to Frylands Wood Scout Outdoor Centre each year. They are raising funds for the centre through a charity tree sale!


Our Year 12 students are encouraged to complete the Senior Prefect application form on our website:


Our Year 7 netball team continued their winning form with a dominant win over Archbishop Lanfranc. The team worked exceptionally well together and showed excellent sportsmanship, including encouraging and supporting the opposition.


Our Year 8 football team returned to their winning ways last night, with a emphatic 8:2 win over Trinity. The boys dominated from start to finish and even had a little left in the tank at the end! Raffael was MOTM, controlling the game from the middle. Well done!


Our Year 7 and Year 8 netball teams made their debut last night against Orchard Park. Both teams left victorious, showing excellent team working skills and determination. A great start for both teams! Well done.


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Thank you for the warm welcome I received today when delivering ZAP workshops to Years 7 & 8’s. A fantastic start to


Year 8 played their third National Cup fixture this week. The boys were fantastic, coming from behind to lead 2:1 with a minute to go. A questionable penalty caused the game to go into extra time and eventually penalties, which unfortunately led to our first defeat.


This evening's Year 8 fixture at Kingdale has gone into extra time. Students are expected to return to the academy at the later time of 16:30.


On Tuesday our Y7/8 girls football team attended their first tournament of the year. They played 5 tough games against local schools and showed tenacity and courage, resulting in some excellent results! Highman's Highlight® was a fantastic goal by Diorella. Well done girls!


We were honoured to have our very own Mr Gurung lay a wreath in today's assembly. Mr Gurung served for over 18 years in the British Army, stationed in countries as far afield as Hong Kong and Nepal


Massive congratulations to the students who took part in the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge yesterday. They were all fantastic and it was tough to choose our 5 finalists!


We welcomed Lesley Urbach from to the Academy last week. Lesley spoke to our students about her family's experiences during the holocaust.


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Twitter I have been invited into today to give a talk on my journey, business and the importance of health and fitness. I am both excited and extremely nervous!! Wish me luck


Following on from our successful Year 11 Raising Achievement Evening, here are some recommended revision books for our GCSE students:


We are running Intervention Sessions for our GCSE students over the half term break. Please see our most recent letter for details:


This week our Year 7s are going on trips to Frylands. A letter has gone out detailing everything you need to know. Have a great time!


Year 8s played their first ever football match representing the Academy yesterday. They played Archbishop Tenison's and came away with a 7:2 win! Well done to the squad and to Nyle, who was named Man of the Match.


Open Evening is this evening! Our gates will open at 16:30 and will close at 19:00. Local parking restrictions are in force, so please plan your journey accordingly! We can't wait to meet you.

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In history, students will develop an understanding of range of historical events, periods, and people that have shaped Britain and the world. Students will be able to make connections between different time periods and understand the importance of key historical events. Students will be able to see how historical changes or consequences have shaped history as well as the world in which we live today. They will learn through enquiry and be curious about historical narratives, approaching interpretations of history critically reaching reasoned judgements of their own based upon evidence.

They will increase their knowledge of historical periods, people, trends and events so that students develop a rich knowledge of the past which builds cultural capital, takes them beyond their lived experience and allows them to engage meaningfully in the process of historical enquiry. Students will develop their disciplinary knowledge of how historians investigate the past through second order concepts and by engaging thoughtfully with sources of evidence and historical interpretations. Students build their confidence to communicate knowledge effectively, both written and orally so that students are able to construct written answers that evaluate, judge and argue and to use the language of historians to convey an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the past.

The curriculum gives students the opportunity to study an overarching narrative of British history which is interwoven with diverse and global histories that speak to our students’ own identities. Knowledge is retained through a planned curriculum, chronologically sequenced and driven by historical enquiries.  Students are given opportunities to build upon feedback by redrafting answers and addressing misconceptions. Students study historical events, people and places in-depth by looking at different sources, evidence, and interpretations that exist. This will give students the chance to challenge the way in which we view history and question accepted versions of the past. 

By looking at a wide range of history but also studying history in-depth, students will learn about the importance of local, national, and global history across a range of time periods. Locally, students will learn about the development and changes to London and Croydon from the Industrial Revolution, Victorian crime, the impact of WWII and will learn about significant individuals and events that occurred in the borough such as the conviction of Derek Bentley. Nationally, students will learn about the development of the church, state, and society as well as the changes to ideas and political power studying topics such as Sutton Hoo, Tudor religious change, Suffragettes, the black British experience, the treatment of the LGBTQ+ community in Britain and students will get the chance to investigate and debate the historical interpretations of Britain’s first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Globally, students will learn about Britain’s role in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, empire building, and the conflicts of the 20th century. We believe that students should also look beyond our island with opportunities to study the Silk Roads, the USA in the 1920s, Vietnam in conflict with the USA and experience of the Jewish community during the Second World War.