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On Thursday 24 September we will host a virtual Open Evening on YouTube for Year 6 students considering joining us in September 2021. Our Principal’s presentation starts at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm and is followed by a live Q&A session after each presentation.


We will be hosting virtual Parent Information Evenings on Thursday 17th September 2020. Please see our letter for further information:


Our first newsletter of the academic year is out!


We're looking forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students this Friday! For information about our uniform supplier Stevensons and other important messages, please check our website:


Congratulations to all our incredible students picking up incredible results today! It has been a pleasure teaching you 🎓


Congratulations to all our Sixth Form students collecting results today! It has been a highly unusual year, but you've made us proud and we're looking forward to seeing all the great things you're going on to achieve


Faye submitted a fantastic piece for the Diversity Week Creative Task - to create a Pride flag out of anything - Faye decided to use her younger sister!


The Great HAPU Bake Off had some fantastic entries from our students! Below are just a few of the great cakes we received!


One day a happy thought floated on a warm breeze infecting everyone it touched with joy, even those who were trying to social distance. Ms Smeltzer


One Day… the free-man unplugged the societal controlling auxiliary-cord from his mind, only then… was he free from the low frequencies stifling his mind. Growth Mindset Mr Headley


One day, the inscriptions in my diary will enter my life as a physical manifestation of and wrapped in God's undying love. Ms C Thompson


‘One day a teacher gazed outside her window. She thought about what it would feel like to be a fleecy cloud in the sky.’ Ms Lewis


One day a man battled to walk against the torrents of winds. “I feel old” he said to himself, “my knees are hurting”. Mr Ahmad


One day I attended, in altered attire, a formal assembly of bumptious coves who joyfully spoke in bellicose barks of days of yester year. Mr Winter


One day humanity realised that history repeats. Spanish flu conquered the world but in time retreated and faded into history. Covid19 will eventually do the same. (26 words but I tried) Miss Garner


One day. The dinosaurs were missed by the asteroid. They formed the first civilisation and learned forms of communication and we unfortunately never existed. Rohan, Sixth Form


One day, the final choice made by Roosavelt resulted in the deterioration of the atomic bombs never happening and a potential land invasion of Japan. Nickoy, Sixth Form


One day Herbert the mouse snuck into the Brown’s house through the tiny hole in the skirting board; it really annoyed Gerald the cat. Ms Pengelly


One day the world will go back to normal, invisible threats recede and the sun melts the façade. Hibernation ends revealing the new normal Mr Contreras


One day, the world will end. It will end in fire, in blood, in anguish, and humanity will burn – those that do not learn. Ms Claoue De Gohr

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Term Dates

Summer Term 2020

First Day of Summer Term Monday 20 April 2020
First Day of Half Term Break Monday 25 May 2020
Students return from Half Term Break Monday 1 June 2020
End of Term Friday 17 July 2020
INSET Day 5 Monday 20 July 2020
Bank Holiday Monday 31 August 2020


Autumn Term 2020

INSET Day 1 Wednesday 2 September 2020
INSET Day 2 Thursday 3 September 2020
Induction for Year 7 and Year 12 only Friday 4 September 2020
Induction for Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 13 only Monday 7 September 2020
Induction for Year 7, Year 10 and Year 11 only Tuesday 8 September 2020
Start of Term (all students return) Wednesday 9 September 2020
INSET Day 3 Friday 9 October 2020
First Day of Half Term Break Monday 19 October 2020
Last Day of Half Term Break Friday 30 October 2020
Students return from Half Term Break Monday 2 November 2020
Year 6 Testing Day (closed to students) Friday 11 December 2020
Last Day of Autumn Term Friday 18 December 2020


Spring Term 2021

INSET Day 4 Monday 4 January 2021
First Day of Spring Term Tuesday 5 January 2021
INSET Day 5 Friday 12 February 2021
First Day of Half Term Break Monday 15 February 2021
Last Day of Half Term Break Friday 19 February 2021
Students return from Half Term Break Monday 22 February 2021
Last Day of of Spring Term Wednesday 31 March 2021


Summer Term 2021

First Day of Summer Term Monday 19 April 2021
First Day of Half Term Break Monday 31 May 2021
Last Day of Half Term Break Friday 4 June 2021
Students return from Half Term Break Monday 7 June 2021
Last Day of Summer Term Friday 23 July 2021

The academy is closed to students on all INSET days and Testing days

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