Today was World Day at HAPU! We celebrated with cultural activities including language lessons, world cuisine tasting and even dance classes! Many attended school in cultural dress. Thank you to the students who helped organise the day and to staff who ran sessions!


On Saturday Ethan competed for in the 4x100m relay at the Alexander Stadium, Birmingham. He ran the 4th leg and received the baton in second place and did what Ethan does best - WIN! He finished nearly a second ahead and helped set a season best of 43:03 🥇


On Monday evening, the Academy hosted the regional finals of the Jack Petchey "Speak Out" Challenge! Talented students from across the borough spoke about topics important to them. Chidi delivered a talk entitled, 'A man thought he could be.' View it here:


On Monday three Y7s competed in this term's South Quadrant Cook Off at HASN! The students had 1 hour to produce a three-course meal with the theme 'The Queen's Jubilee'. Merton were *crowned* the winners, but as you can see the dishes looked (and tasted) amazing!


TfL have announced bus strikes in south London on May 11th, 16th and 17th. Buses in Croydon, Thornton Heath, Streatham and Brixton are among those affected. Please keep these strikes in mind when planning your journey to and from school! 🚌


After a competitive game that went into extra time, our boys managed a 5:4 win against St Joseph’s on Friday. Their next game will be the final! Good luck! ⚽️


Earlier in the week, our students met with author Simon James Green, who came to talk about the process of having his novel 'Noah Can't Even' published. His novel deals with 🏳️‍🌈LGBT+ themes and Simon was overwhelmed by the way our pupils support and promote equality and diversity


PE had the pleasure of taking Y7 and Y8 teams to the Croydon Athletics Relay Championship. The Y7 girls were just beaten on the line for a podium finish. The Y8 boys competed in a final against Trinity, HCACP, Tenisons and Oasis to finish 1st and be named Croydon Champions! 🥇


It was great so see our students so engaged in rugby training yesterday. The session was led by a coach from the Matt Ratana Foundation and will get the players ready for our game against Lanfrac! 🏉


Our amazing Year 8 football team managed a 5-2 victory over Clapham in their semi final yesterday. The boys will face either Harris Academy Riverside or East Dulwich in the final! Goals courtesy of Raff, Kahlan and Judah! ⚽️


Our latest Newsletter is available from our website:


The issues in the Academy kitchen have been rectified. Hot and cold meals and snacks will be available from Tuesday 19th April.


We've cooked our dinner and pitched our tents. We're now enjoying the sunset ☺️


Our Silver Duke of Edinburgh students have set off for a weekend of walking around Ashdown Forest on their practice expedition. It's a bit chilly! 🏕️💨


Earlier in the week we posted about Gardening Club being busy planting crops before the break. We are now excited to announce has granted us £1,994 to go towards our gardening project! We're eager to share what we use this amazing sum for next term! 🚜🥕🥔


A letter regarding Year 11 Prom and intervention sessions has been published on our website:


⚽️ Our newly formed Y7 girl's football team are having a busy year. Not only have they competed in a Croydon Schools tournament AND the U13s league, they also played a Y7-8 competition against some very tough opposition and were excellent throughout. Well done girls!


A letter form the Principal has been published on our website:


Our Year 7 rugby team returned to Riddlesdown for another friendly. Previously, we had a smaller group and had to borrow players, but this time we were able to play as our own team. We came up against a Riddlesdown side that had more experience and only lost by one try 8-7 🏉


Despite this year's hot weather coming to an end 😅 Gardening Club took to the allotment for the final time this term to get their shooting potatoes in the ground. The club has planted a variety of vegetables and look forward to a September harvest 🚜🥔🥔

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Online Learning at HAPU

At Harris Academy Purley we are proud of our online provision.  Due to the investment and training the academy and staff have undergone we are able to deliver lessons both in the classroom and at home simultaneously.  This means that if your child is learning from home (for any reason), they will still have all their timetabled lessons and will therefore attend school for the normal times.  This also means that their curriculum will not be altered, and all learning and feedback expectations remain consistent.  Sadly, we cannot recreate the full classroom experience with human contact, but overall, we aim to deliver our education in a way that means whether your child is at home or in school they will receive the exact same instruction, tasks, and feedback.  Where students would normally get additional or alternative provision, we aim to continue this as much as is practicable.

Students in all year groups can access their normal timetabled lessons, live (in real time) online with their normal teachers.  This includes all form times and period 7 lessons students would attend if they were onsite via Microsoft teams. To do this, they simply need internet access on a device such as a desk top PC, a laptop, a tablet or even simply a smart phone. 

Lessons will be run in a normal way, with some parts of the lessons directly taught by the teacher, and at times students will be assigned a specific piece of sustained writing or work to complete on their own which they can complete either online or on paper at home.  During the lessons they will be able to interact with their teacher asking questions and getting responses.  Students will also be expected to respond to questions asked by teachers.  Students need to attend lessons at the normal time (as per the school day set out below) and engage with lessons throughout.  We will be taking registers as normal and attendance is compulsory, as is participation. 

If students are having problems accessing lessons because of a lack of IT equipment, lack of access to the internet or a space to work, then please email us at setting out what the issues are.  We will contact you regarding the issues raised and will, where possible, provide resource to resolve the matter.

The attendance to online provision has been excellent so far and staff and students are continuing to work hard in ensuring that no student misses out on their learning during this lockdown period.  If you have any questions, then please email us on 


Accessing Teams on Xbox, Playstations and computers

Laptops and desktop computers

  • Open your computer's web browser e.g. Chrome, Edge or Safari
  • Visit and sign-in with your school credentials
  • Select Microsoft Teams from the app list on the left side of the screen
  • Choose 'run in browser' if you do not wish to install the desktop app

Microsoft Xbox

  • Open a web browser e.g. Microsoft Edge from My Games and Apps
  • Visit and sign-in with your school credentials
  • Select Microsoft Teams from the app list on the left side of the screen

Sony Playstation

  • Locate the internet browser and press the Playstation logo on your controller
  • Go to Library and find Options for Games and Applications
  • Go into Applications and install Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome
  • Visit and sign-in with your school credentials
  • Select Microsoft Teams from the app list on the left side of the screen

You can also use this process to access the online versions of other Microsoft Office applications such as Word and PowerPoint. A USB keyboard and mouse will make this process a lot easier. Please note that your own webcam will not work, but you can still see your teacher's camera and shared screen. A headset will work for speaking and listening on both consoles. Other browsers may not work correctly.

Edge on xbox Internet Browser
Microsoft Edge on Xbox Internet Browser on PS4


Useful Links

Vodaphone have produced a helpful guide for Parents and Carers to help keep students safe online. There is also information on ways you can make technology and the internet useful for your family and life at home.

We have produced a helpful guide for using Microsoft Teams at the bottom of the page.


Student Expectations for Online Lessons

Students are expected to attend to all online lessons on your timetable. Registers are taken at the start of each lesson, so it is very important you are logged on at the start, so teachers can mark you present. Students not attending lessons will be regarded as truanting and will result in phone calls home from our Attendance team.

Online lessons may require you to use equipment at home, such as pencils, paper, protractors etc. It is a good idea to have this equipment by your computer so it is easily accessible during lessons.

You can ask your teachers questions via the chat feature or through your microphone. If you have any trouble connecting or accessing work, email your teacher using their address in the Contact section of our website.


Etiquette (how to act)

Your webcam will be disabled for lessons as a safeguarding precaution. Your microphone will still be active, so please ensure you have it muted at the start of the lesson and for the duration of your lesson, unless you are required to respond to a teacher's question or request.

All comments and messages to teachers should remain formal. This means you should not use slang or terms you might use with your friends. An example of a formal email can be seen below.

When using the chat feature, it is helpful to include the name of the person you are addressing at the start of each message. This allows the recipient to see messages directed at them in a busy chat with lots of other messages.


Example of a formal email

Dear Miss Jones, 

I am having difficulty understanding the task set in Monday's lesson. Please could you elaborate on what is expected of us for this task? I have also attached the homework set in last week's lesson.

Kind regards,

John Smith, Year 10

Page Downloads

Title Date  
Office Login Guide with Authenticator 08th Jul 2021 Download
Student Guide to Microsoft Teams 28th Jan 2021 Download